Pet Travel

pet travel uae dubai

Pet Travel Guide

Are you going somewhere and can’t bear to leave your four-legged friend at home? We ...

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Pet Travel Export Requirements dubai uae

Pet Travel: Export to Japan

Taking your pet to Japan requires a lot of planning. Your pet will need to ...

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pet travel export singapore dubai uae

Pet Travel: Export to Singapore

When you are thinking of taking your pet to Singapore you should also make yourself ...

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export australia dubai uae

Pet Travel: Export to Australia

Australia requires that your pet is micro‐chipped and blood tested to check for rabies immunity ...

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Last issues feature articles

german veterinary clinic cat rescue abu dhabi


Each month, the German Veterinary Clinic takes cases of abused or abandoned cats under their ...

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Fairchild: A Company Born Out of Necessity.

Furchild is the talk of the town in UAE’s pet community! This newly launched business ...

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8 tips for brushing your cat

8 Tips for Brushing your Cat

Have brushs and combs scattered around the house so that when the moment comes you ...

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Trap neuter return cats dubai abu dhabi

The Importance of TNR programs

Many people in Dubai and the rest of the UAE sometimes question the importance and ...

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TANKSPIRATION: A Beginners Guide to High-Tech Planted Aquariums

By Gareth Tickle For as long as I can remember, I have held a strong ...

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Bird Housekeeping

Birds are intelligent, affectionate animals that thrive as pets when given the proper care and ...

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a tree cat named bob

Book Extract: A Street Cat Named BOB

I had to take Bob to a vet. I set my alarm early and got up ...

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